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You can obtain subsidies for our equipment from beekeeping market supporting programs in your country

Stands for beehives

Place your hives on a slope or in a rough terrain. Leveling with our stands is simple!

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"Self-leveling" stand for beehives


Stands are blocking on friction, have unlimited adjustment levels.
Legs are independent from each other, which allows to keep hives leveled in almost any terrain. They deploy quickly and can be stacked.

Set includes two crossbars and four legs.

  • weight of one set: 5 kg;

  • capacity ~300 kg;

  • semi-automatic legs latches;

  • anticorrosive coating -  galvanized.

Made from 20mmx20mm and 25mmx25mm steel square profiles.

Minimal order quantity 3 sets.

On request from 100 pieces, available bases from 25mm and 30mm square steel profiles.

Wooden beams sold separately.


Self-leveling stand for hives


Legs equipped with latches that lock them for transport. After installing wooden crossbars, it allows for setting 2 to 5 hives (depending on the thickness of the wooden crossbars used). The main advantage of the base is the possibility of very fast leveling regardless of unevenness or large slope of the terrain. The legs block and stabilize themselves under the weight.

How it works

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